Lake Illawarra South Public School

Respect, Responsibility and Safety

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School Song

Our School song is based upon the tune "Click go the Shears".  The words were written by Mrs C Cooper.  Mrs Cooper has both been a pupil and teacher at Lake South.  Her children have all attended school at Lake South.

Lake Illawarra South School Song

Down by the lake between the mountains and the sea,

Lake South's the school where we all want to be,

We learn the keys to success so we can't go wrong,

Using confidence, persistence and 'how to get along',


Lake South, Lake South, you've stood the test,

For over fifty years, you've always been the best!

We'll go into the future achieving everyday,

Lake South shapes our minds in the best possible way,

We learn to be resilient and how to organise,

Lake South has the answers, and you'll learn to be wise,

We'll remember lessons taught here when we journey far and wide,

Lake South will have demonstrated excellence and pride.